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By Louise Doran, ND

Originally published in our Winter 2012 newsletter

I have been practising Naturopathic medicine for more than ten years, with a focus on empowering the individual in their healing process. Over the years, my clinical observations have made me realize the importance of taking into account the deeper causes of the imbalances that appear as emotional disturbance or disease in the body. My unique and effective approach looks at an individual’s health as part of the whole person, addressing all levels including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical, to create lasting life-changing results. I offer a personalized program of techniques and natural remedies to support healing at all levels, including Matrix Energetics®, CranioSacral® Therapy, German New Medicine, TBM, acupuncture, homeopathy, and botanical medicine.

What is Matrix Energetics?

Matrix Energetics® is a system of healing and transformation based on the principles of quantum physics. It accesses the body field at the quantum level to effect change connected to past traumas, injuries, emotional patterns and health disturbances in the body. It has been effective in conditions that don’t respond to other treatments, and positive change often shows up in other areas of a person’s life as well.

Example 1: 

A 13-month-old infant in good health had been unable to sleep more than 2½ hours straight since birth. After a session with the infant and Mom together, the child slept 4 hours that day, then 13 hours through the night, waking only once. Subsequently the child slept 8 hours straight each night.

Example 2: 

A woman experienced acid reflux for 20 years which had not responded to medication. After a session which elicited a shift associated with age 10 on her timeline, she identified a serious injury due to a fall at that age. She later reported that the reflux problem was gone.


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