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Uncovering the mystery of human disease

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By Louise Doran, ND

Originally published in our Fall 2012 newsletter

Renowned psychologist Carl Jung once said that we are not here to heal our bodies, our bodies are here to heal us.  This became very clear to me as I pursued my naturopathic practice.  Patients came in with physical complaints that became the doorway to healing deep inner conflicts, emotional traumas that were pushed aside and ignored in an attempt to get on with their lives.  In some cases they had actually tried psychotherapy, with no real improvement.  That was because they had not unraveled the mystery, the unique truth that was the key to their healing.

I recall the case of a young woman with pain in her body that she had been experiencing for years.  No medical assessment or treatment helped. I asked her about her life, and she told me the tragic story of her mother’s passing when she was eight years old.  She was living alone with her mother when she passed. In looking closely at her feelings around the event, she realized that because her mother had been unwell and she was caring for her, she felt responsible for her mother’s death.  This realization was new to her. By becoming aware of the emotional conflict, she was able to use the wisdom of an adult to heal it.  The next day she phoned me to say her pain was gone.  This approach became an important focus in my practice, with patient after patient pointing the way to their healing through their emotions.

Medical research in Europe has supported what I have been seeing in my practice, that for each type of disease, there is an emotional conflict that triggered it.  The observations of American author Louise Hay through decades of healing work have led to a similar conclusion.  There are a number of techniques that we can use to help patients identify and heal the conflict, which leads to healing at the physical level.  If the conflict remains hidden from conscious awareness, we can use Matrix Energetics to facilitate healing at a deeper level of consciousness and access lasting healing at the physical level.  The ensuing peace of mind leaves the patient grateful for the physical condition that brought their awareness to the need for emotional healing, as they witnessed their bodies healing them.


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