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Homeopathic prophylaxis

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By Helena Ovens, ND

Originally published in our Fall 2012 newsletter

Prophylaxis means Prevention.

Prevention is the most important Principle of Naturopathic Medicine.

I recently attended a seminar given by Dr. Isaac Golden, a Classical Homeopath who was awarded a PhD for his research in Homeopathy, Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis. On October 3, 2012, The Toronto Star posted an article called “Autism redefined for clearer diagnosis” stating that Asperger’s Syndrome will now be included into the diagnosis of Autism. This means that one in 88 children will now be diagnosed with Autism. Dr. Golden has been treating vaccine-damaged children for over two decades utilizing Homeopathy with great success.

Some experts suspect a connection between the adjuvants in the vaccines (i.e., the substances that preserve the vaccine such as Mercury, Aluminum, and Formaldehye) and subsequent nerve damage. Mercury, Aluminum, and Formaldehyde are substances toxic to the human body. Most recently, Mercury (also known as Thimerosol) has been replaced by Aluminum which is still toxic to the nervous system.

Dr. Golden discusses the risks and alternatives for parents interested in protecting their children from common diseases such as Mumps, Red & German Measles versus the MMR vaccine. He notes that there are also safe alternatives for Diptheria, Polio, Pertussis, and Tetanus (DPPT) as well as HIB (Hemophilus Influenza B) vaccines.

Research shows that unvaccinated children naturally build more antibodies against viruses than vaccinated children. Vaccines provide only temporary immunity and require a series of “booster” shots compared to the permanent immunity that results from naturally contracting and recovering from viral diseases.

Every parent should sign a TRULY INFORMED Consent Form. Parents should be advised to reconsider giving the DPPT vaccine if there is any family history of Neurological Disorders (Epilepsy, Guillian Barre, etc.) or if the child already has a compromised immune system (subject to allergies, asthma, chronic recurring respiratory infections, or a history of repeated antibiotic treatments).

And every parent should be INFORMED that contracting the relatively benign viral diseases such as Measles (Red & German) and Mumps gives the body’s immune system the ability to create antibodies which then give lifelong protection against those diseases. And in the case of little girls, allows them as adults to maintain their immunity during pregnancy and to pass their antibody protection against these viral diseases to their infant children through their breast milk.


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