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Allergy season – naturopathic coping skills

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By Helena Ovens, ND

Originally published in our Spring 2012 newsletter

This year our Spring & Fall Allergy Season extended over the winter, primarily due to leaf mold. It is vitally important to remember that your liver filters out the toxins and allergens in your blood… So first, DETOX your liver. Spring & Fall Detoxing are a must. Summer & Winter Detoxing are a bonus.

Naturopathically, the first thing to do is to increase your Vitamin C (Ester C) to bowel tolerance. Take increasing doses of vitamin C until you have a loose stool, then cut back by one. Also include Quercetin (500 mg 3x/day or more). Take supplements with food. Spring clean the dust out of your house. Remove wheat, dairy and gluten for the duration of Allergy Season as they often increase mucous production.

Homepathically, there are many options depending on your symptom picture.

  • Kali Bich – for thick, ropey mucous, usually green (or yellow); very sticky; pressure at the root of the nose; crusts of mucous with postnasal drip; frontal pain (forehead) usually in just one spot.
  • Hydrastis – bright yellow mucous, thick ropey secretion (like Kali Bich & Pulsatilla but yellow).
  • Kali Iodum – a more serious Kali Bich case; use if Kali Bich does not work; often worse at night.
  • Calc Sulph  (tissue salt) – tinge of blood in the mucous; yellow thick and lumpy discharge. Calc Sulph helps to accelerate the healing process .
  • Sticta Pulminaria – nasal mucosa and sinuses feel swollen and dry; little or no discharge; sinus headache, worse right side; worse at 2:00 p.m.; remedy may establish a flow of mucous.
  • Mezereum – worse right side maxillary sinus (cheek bones); tooth pain when walking.
  • Sabadilla – moves right to left; major hayfever remedy; frontal sinus (forehead) problems after hayfever; symptoms return the same time every day.
  • Arum Triphyllum – complete obstruction of the nose (mouth breather); a constant urge to pick the nose, mouth and lips; cannot stop picking the nose.
  • Cinnabaris – sinusitis in the paranasal sinuses (behind the root of the nose); feels as if wearing a heavy pair of glasses which pinch the root of the nose.

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