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Step into spring clean and green!

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Amy Lopez

by Amy Lopez

Originally published in our Spring 2013 newsletter

Spring is officially here, and there is no better way to welcome it than with a spring-cleaning.  Dirt and clutter, which includes physical, emotional, and mental “stuff,” is a sign of stagnant energy.  We naturally feel the urge to get energy moving in spring, hence ‘Spring Cleaning.’  Getting rid of clutter makes physical and energetic room to welcome new things into your life.

The ancient art and science of Feng Shui speaks of how important it is to live in a space where energy (chi) can freely circulate.  We all have areas of ‘clutter’ in our lives; take a moment to reflect on what your home says about you.  De-cluttering can be daunting, so set yourself up for success by beginning in an area with less emotional attachment to the stuff.  Start small and address one room at a time, starting with one part of the room at a time (e.g. a drawer, cabinet, closet).  Clutter can take many forms, so keep in mind that old documents, electronic files, unfinished projects, and unresolved conflicts are less obvious, but still clutter.

While cleaning up and out, take time to read labels and purge personal care products, household items, and cleaners containing toxic chemicals, which negatively impact health.  Two sneaky chemicals to be on the look out for are triclosan and synthetic fragrance.  Triclosan is found in ‘Microban’ and ‘anti-bacterial’ products.  Synthetic fragrance can be comprised of any combination of 3,154 chemicals and is only required to be listed as fragrance or parfum.  The home can be cleaned in an infinite number of ways using old-fashioned distilled white vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.  Cleaning green is easy on the wallet too!

Taking time to de-clutter and clean thoroughly freshens up the home not just by getting it physically clean, but also by moving stagnant energy which is why a clean home feels so good.  Switching to natural cleaning and personal care products significantly reduces toxic build up in the body, resulting in better health.  Step into spring with a clean, green home!

For more information about hidden toxins in the home, product ratings, and useful shopping guides check out


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