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Homeopathic summer safety tips

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By Helena Ovens, ND

Summer is fast approaching and here are a few “hot” tips to help you through the season..

Think ARNICA MONTANA for treatment of muscle injury or accidents which result in bruises, lumps, bumps, contusions, head injuries or concussion. Arnica saves lives and is our first choice after any physical injury or shock.

Think LEDUM after stepping on a rusty nail to safely treat tetanus. Ledum has been called the Homeopathic Tetanus and is recommended for both treatment and prevention.

Think APIS for insect bites, especially bee stings, when the site of injury becomes swollen, red, hot, stinging and feels better with cold applications. Apis also helps to prevent the anaphylactic reaction for those who are seriously allergic.

Think RHUS TOX for sprains and strains when the pain is worse when you first move, but then limbers up but is worse again from too much movement. The sprain site feels better with warm applications and worse from cold.

Think SABADILLA for spring and summer allergies that present with itchy, runny eyes and noses. It is our number one choice for the hayfever and allergy season.

Think PHOSPHORUS for nose bleeds due to a blow or injury.

Think ARSENICUM ALBUM for the nausea, diarrhea and vomiting associated with food poisoning.

Think BELLADONNA and GLONOINE for sunstroke. BELLADONNA for cases with the resultant weakness, dry skin, flushed face, dilated pupils and strong pulse and GLONOINE for the more serious case of sunstroke accompanied by the previous symptoms plus a throbbing, bursting headache.

Think CANTHARIS for mild cases of sunburn.

And most of all, think of the great safe time you are going to have this summer. Enjoy!


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