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By Helena Ovens, ND

Originally published in our Spring 2013 newsletter

You may have heard recently about the creation of new SUPERBUGS which are antibiotic resistant. The prediction is that because these SUPERBUGS are becoming stronger and stronger and more resistant to antibiotics, there will come a time in the near future when the conventional medical community will not be able to treat infectious diseases. This may lead to diseases for which there is NO conventional treatment available.

I had the pleasure of meeting a patient who was in England during World War II. She was one of the first people ever to receive penicillin to treat her decubitus ulcers, a problem she had had for some time. Within two weeks after receiving penicillin, the ulcers healed. It was a miraculous recovery. Over time, it became standard practice to treat many infections including viral infections with penicillin. As a result, this led to the creation of penicillin-resistant SUPERBUGS.

Back to the present:  the preponderance of excessive use of antibiotic treatments as a preventative measure in raising livestock (cattle, pigs, chickens, etc.) within the agricultural industry has succeeded in accelerating this problem which may lead to catastrophic results in the future. This is yet another argument for eating ORGANICALLY. Not only are organic foods good for your own internal health, they are also good for the health of your environment aka our planet. The less pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, etc. etc. within your food sources, the better for YOU and the better for the PLANET as a whole due to decreases in air, water, and soil pollution. Over and over again, I wonder why we think it is okay to poison our Mother Earth when clearly, it’s not. And one day, Mother Earth may respond by her inability to support us in a healthy manner.

FYI: Before the introduction of penicillin, Classical Homeopathy was successfully CURING pneumonia, cancer, encephalitis, viral epidemics and other serious life-threatening diseases. And to reiterate, CURE means treating the cause of the problem and strengthening the Vital Force within each individual to ensure that the problem NEVER RETURNS. That’s cure. Everything else is just symptom removal.

The time for positive action for our internal and external environment is long overdue. I love my Mother Earth, my Mother Nature and I honour the fact that I live because of what she provides.  After all, in the long run, YOU REALLY ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!!


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