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Kew Beach Staff at Matrix Energetics Seminar

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By Louise Doran, ND
Originally published in our Fall 2013 newsletter

Check out our own Judy Gibbs in the photo taken at the Matrix Energetics Seminar in September!

She is on stage with Matrix Energetics teacher Melissa Joy, who is demonstrating this transformational tool.

Judy at MatrixThis is Judy’s second year attending the seminar. Attending with her were Helena Ovens, ND, and Louise Doran, ND, Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner and seminar facilitator. This seminar was a hands-on experience and was enjoyed by all.

Matrix Energetics was developed by Chiropractor and Naturopathic Doctor Richard Bartlett. By accessing a state of infinite potential where he was able to break free of the barriers of the mind, and then bringing others into this state by connecting with them using a gentle, light touch, he found people were able to heal themselves in astonishing ways. Positive change often showed up in other areas of their life as well, such as work, relationships, and finances.

According to modern physicists, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns; everything is light and information. When using Matrix Energetics, we bypass the physical and access the field of infinite possibilities (known as the zero point field in quantum physics). Transformation is possible there because we are playing by a different set of rules. We are deciding to behave as a set of photons, as light and information, and by changing the information that is given to a pattern, we can change that pattern. The practitioner facilitates access to this field of unlimited potential with the client, and together they can choose a different, more useful outcome.

Matrix Energetics has transformed Louise’s Naturopathic practice.  She has been practicing Matrix Energetics for 6 years, and has seen clients accessing healing in many areas: from healing broken bones so their cast could be removed a week after the injury, to healing advanced chronic disease. It is especially effective for emotional patterns such as anxiety and panic attacks. Children (and even pets) are very responsive to it.

Call the clinic at 416-690-6168 to book a session to see what Matrix Energetics can do for you. It can also be incorporated as part of your complete naturopathic care.


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