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10 Principles to Transformation

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By Helena Ovens, ND

Becoming Whole (One Reality)

1.The events in my life reflect who I am.
2.The people in my life reflect aspects of myself.
3.Whatever I pay attention to will grow.
4.Nothing is random, my life is full of signs and symbols.
5.At any given moment, the universe is giving me the best results possible.
6.My INNER awareness is always evolving.
7.The direction of my life is from duality to UNITY.
8.If I open myself to the force of evolution, it will carry me to where I want to go.
9.The fragmented mind cannot get me to unity, but I have to use it along the way.
10.I am living in many dimensions at once, the appearance of being trapped in time and space is an illusion.

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