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Ritalin Free Kids: Book Review

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By Helena Ovens, ND

Book review of Ritalin Free Kids by JudythReichenberg-Wullman, N.D., MSW & Robert Ullman, N.D.

Although drug therapy for ADHD children works well for a majority of children, it does not come without side-effects. Approximately 20 to 30% of children do not respond well to stimulant medication and need an alternative. Homeopathic Medicine offers such an alternative. In Homeopathy, each patient is treated as a unique individual.

Between the ages of three to five years old, ADHD symptoms may become evident: extreme defiance and over the top tantrums; difficulty getting along with their peers; venting frustration violently and destroying objects at home; biting, kicking, hitting, scratching and spitting; difficulty paying attention and following directions; harmful to animals and other children; mischievous, teasing behaviour. And, of course, complaints from Preschool Teachers.

Once at school, feedback from the Elementary Teachers include difficulty with reading, writing, and taking tests (poor grades); problems following directions and completing assignments; forgetting to turn in homework, losing things; spacing “out”; annoying, repetitive or clowning behaviour; interrupting and blurting out; missing social cues, lack of friends, isolation; physically awkward and clumsy; defiant behaviour.

What can you expect from Homeopathic Treatment of your Child with ADHD? A significant improvement may occur over time in the following areas: behaviour at home & school, ability to concentrate, grades, impulsivity, restlessness, ability to make friends, socially appropriate behaviour, mood, relationships with the rest of the family, self-esteem, confidence, independence, physical health complaints, overall health and immunity. Both parents need to be committed to giving homeopathy treatment for at least one year. Self-treatment is not recommended as the parent lacks the objectivity that the practitioner requires for appropriate assessment and treatment. There are a number of remedies that treat ADHD well, each is chosen specifically for the symptoms that the child presents both at home and at school.

Homeopathic Medicines are safe, without side-effects and not only do they remove the symptoms, but eventually over time, they support the individual in a significant positive recovery.


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