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A Case of Glomerular Nephritis

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By Helena Ovens, ND


Glomerular Nephritis is a disease characterized by inflammation of small blood vessels in the kidney which may present with blood or protein in urine, or as nephrotic syndrome, nephritic syndrome, acute or chronic renal failure. Renal failure can be fatal if not diagnosed and treated properly.

C.C. a 6 year old male, diagnosed with Glomerular Nephritis on January 4, 2015. Prior to the date of diagnosis, he had had a sore throat on December 28th for one day and subsequent to that no fever, but had headache and fatigue from December 28th to January 2nd. January 3rd, he had scanty light brown urine before bed.

January 4th, he had dark brown urine, edematous face, marked fatigue, and went to the emergency immediately. They diagnosed Glomerular Nephritis but wanted to rule out strep. Rapid strep and cultured strep were negative. Now he complains of being cold and needed many blankets. No thirst for anything. He is pale. January 5th, no change. Admitted to hospital and monitored.

January 6th, received a kidney biopsy and 200mg prednisone. January 7th, biopsy result: acute, diffuse Glomerular Nephritis. Another prednisone 220mg given. If no improvement in bloodwork by morning of January 8th, then he would be put on dialysis.

On the evening of January 7th at 9pm he took Calc 200C. One hour later he became thirsty (good sign). January 8th, another dose of prednisone 220 mg. Edematous face, abdomen, pubic bone area, and the feet increased. Lab decreased minimally but was going in the right direction. Therefore, they did not proceed with dialysis and decided to wait and see.

I had seen CC as a patient when he was 2 months and prescribed Calc 30CH which greatly improved his sleep patterns, decreased his ravenous appetite, thrush and diaper rash. This was his chronic remedy and CC`s mother decided to reintroduce higher potencies of the same remedy on January 8th. His urine output increased for the first time due to an increasing thirst given Calc 200C at 3pm + Calc 10M at 9pm. January 9th, 8am lab results were decreased significantly and dialysis cancelled. Urine output marked increase. Urine colour normal. Very, very thirsty. Still cold. Edema in all the marked areas 20% better. Calc 10M at 3 and 9pm.

January 10th all lab results approaching normal. High urine output. Not cold any longer; normal thirst. Edema 25% better since onset of the swelling. Now he has marked scrotal edema. January 11th energy increased to 7 out of 10 (previously 2 out of 10). All labs are normal now. He took Apis 200C for the scrotal swelling at 9:00 a.m.

January 12th: Edema is 50% better everywhere except the scrotum. Scrotum 15% better. Discharged January 12th. Since discharge date, overall labs maintained normal. Edema in scrotal area left three days later after he did pelvic tilts. Since then he has been on a decreasing prednisone protocol of 10 mg. January 12th, he was given 50 mg of prednisone and every month he goes down by 10 mg. and will be finished with prednisone by August 1st.


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