Kew Beach Naturopathic Clinic

Putting the "care" back in healthcare

What to Expect

Before your visit
We will provide you with intake forms that you can fill out at home or by arriving at least 15 minutes early to your appointment.  You will be asked to review and consent to our clinic policies as well.

Initial visit
Your first visit is up to 90 minutes (adults and youth 12-17 years old) or 60 minutes (children under 12).  This visit includes taking a thorough case history, including current concerns, past medical history, family medical history, current list of medications and supplements, screening physical exam, and basic lifestyle and dietary practices.  Often questions arise during this first visit and there is lots of time to address those concerns.  Treatment often begins in this visit.

Second visit
Your second visit is up to 60 minutes (adults), 45 minutes (youth 12-17 years old), or 30 minutes (children under 12).  During this visit the Naturopathic Doctor will continue taking the case and revisit any areas that are unclear or where more information is required.  Usually at this visit a more comprehensive treatment plan is given.

Subsequent visits
Subsequent visits can range in time from 30 to 60 minutes.  Length and frequency is dependent upon individual needs and treatment plan.

Acute visits
Many patients will have acute illness arise from time to time, such as cold/flu, migraines, injuries, rashes, urinary tract infection (UTI), ear infections, sinus infections, surgery, short-term insomnia, etc.  It is important that we also assess and treat these acute concerns as they arise.  If you have an acute illness, your Naturopathic Doctor can usually fit you in within 24-48 hours and address your concern to speed recovery.

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